Xanthelasma / Cholesterol Plaques

Xanthelasma are yellow patches or plaques of cholesterol that appear mainly in the upper or lower eyelids.

Prices for surgical removal begin at £515 for a single Xanthelasma and from £1000 for two lesions or eyelids. This includes the cost of surgery and anaesthetic.

Xanthelasma can be related to increased levels of cholesterol. They can become larger with time and patients can find them cosmetically unsightly. They can be treated with laser or surgically, usually with a form of elliptical excision.

At Olelo, we offer  surgical excision. In our opinion, the most effective treatment option is surgical removal by a specialist Oculoplastic surgeon such as Mr Malik and our other Oculoplastic surgeons. Surgery ensures complete removal, minimal if any scarring and minimises the chances of any recurrence.

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Xanthelasma Treatment Consultation

  • Lots of lesions can resemble a Xanthelasma, so we recommend a consultation with our Oculoplastic specialist surgeon
  • We can conduct video consultations or but prefer to see you face to face

Xanthelasma Treatment

  • Treatment may be carried out at the consultation if agreed in advance or arranged at a later date
  • Surgery is quick and painless with the use of local anaesthetic
  • Time for surgery varies but can be between 30 to 60 minutes
  • The surgery is conducted in our specialist clinics
  • Dressings are applied afterwards to help reduce swelling and bruising

All cholesterol eyelid removal surgery is conducted by surgeons trained in Oculoplastics as we believe all eyelid surgery demands specialist skills

Xanthelasma Surgery

Surgical xanthelasma removal is painless and at the end of the procedure, you are either left with a small graze or with stitches.

The risk of scarring is absolutely minimal and once healed, the eyelid skin will look vastly improved, especially once compared to appearances with the Xanthelasma.

The procedure itself involves:

  1. Special cream applied to numb the area
  2. Local anaesthetic injected
  3. The xanthelasma are removed using fine and precise surgical excision
  4. If the Xanthelasma are small, often no stitches are needed and the skin is allowed to regrow over the site of surgery. The skin heals just like a graze.
  5. The skin is left with stitches which are either dissolving or can be removed after 10 days


After xanthelasma removal surgery, please do not drive home. It is best to arrange a taxi or have a friend drive you home

What to expect after surgery

  1. The eyelids will be a little swollen and bruised for 2-5 days after surgery. Usually, most bruising and swelling settles quickly
  2. Avoid exercise for 2 days after surgery and swimming for 2 weeks
  3. There is minimal discomfort but you can take paracetamol tablets for 1 day after surgery if needed

Post operative care

We recommend that you apply antibiotic ointment 3 times a day for 1 week and any stitches are removed between 7-10 days after surgery

Doctor Consultation

We charge £75 for a consultation with our Oculoplastic surgeon.

Prices for Xanthelasma treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation, will include the £75 consultation fee

Please note that same-day procedures are only undertaken if agreed in advance, where the patient has undertaken a video consultation or if the clinician feels it is clinically prudent and reasonable to do so.

Patients who undertake same-day procedures will need to fully understand the risks and benefits of surgery, including possible side effect, after care and the costs involved.

Xanthelasma Removal Costs

Xanthelasma excision Cost
First eyelid From £515
Two eyelids treated in same session From £1000

Benefits of treatment at Olelo include:

  • Specialist surgeon
  • Pain-free using local anaesthetic
  • Quick – generally under an hour including the consultation
  • Treatment in our dedicated clinics in Kensington or Chelsea
  • Minimal scarring
  • Low risk of recurrence
  • Excellent healing