Hyperhidrosis Treatment for Excess Sweating

  • Treatment designed to stop sweating
  • Reduce social anxiety
  • Treatment takes fifteen to thirty minutes
  • Lasts for six to nine months 

Hyperhidrosis or excess sweating is common and can lead to awkward social interactions, difficulty in personal relationships and diminishes social and physical wellbeing.

Botox® can reduce sweating by 75%. It is safe and effective.

Enquire about Hyperhidrosis Treatment for Excess Sweating at one of our London Clinics

Doctor Consultations

Patients meet with our doctors and undertake a detailed medical consultation to ensure that there are no underlying medical reasons for hyperhidrosis. Usually, most patients are fit and well.

During your consultation, we will discuss treatment options and ensure it is safe to administer Botox.


Woman receiving an injection into her underarm to treat excessive sweating caused by Hyperhidrosis.

Treatment areas such as the axilla (underarms) and hands can be easily treated WITHOUT PAIN. We use anaesthetic cream and ice packs to prepare the area and very fine needles to deliver Botox®. The procedure is well tolerated and most patients are delighted with the results.

We normally recommend that patients visit our clinics / have a video review, two weeks after treatment for reassessment. Where needed, we offer top up treatments for free.

Patient experience

Patients are surprised that the procedure is painless and effective.

Botox® Prices for Hyperhidrosis

Underarms (both)                                      £500

Hands (both)                                               £550