Facial Cysts and Lipomas Removal

Cysts can occur at any location over the body. They are pockets of fluid filled areas / cavities and often grow in time. Lipomas are pockets of tissue, located under the skin, made up of fat cells.

Depending on their location, cysts and lipomas can be harmless or sometimes lead to discomfort. As they grow, they can become easily visible as a lump or bump under the skin.

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Why do cysts occur?

There are a variety of reasons including:

  • The blockage of a gland duct
  • Injury and inflammation to the tissue
  • Ingrowing hairs
  • A foreign body that acts as a focus for inflammation

Do cysts need to be removed?

Most cysts over the face are harmless and do not pose a risk to health.

Facial cysts can become cosmetically problematic and are often easily removed with minimal scarring.

Some cysts can become infected or recurrently inflamed and even bleed.

This can become cosmetically challenging and it is best to tackle them early on.

Frequently, NHS patients, seen in a GP clinic will be advised that the cyst is cosmetic and can not be removed.

Same Day Facial Cyst Removal

At Olelo, we offer assessments, with same-day removal often being an option.

Simple cysts can be removed painlessly in 30 minutes, under local anaesthetic and from only £500.

Facial cysts

Most are epidermal cyst and are easily removed

Eyelid cysts and lumps


Molluscum, small lump, on the chin.


Milia, small white lumps on the eyelid.


Raised mole under the lower lip and on the side of the chin.

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Zeiss and Moll

Zeiss and Moll is a raised lump, like a skin tag, on the very edge of the upper eyelid.

Wart / Papilloma

Wart or Papilloma, a raised lump on the eyebrow.

Chalazion  / Stye

Chalazion or Stye, is a raised, red lump on the eyelid.

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Cyst Removal Procedures

The cyst is removed along with the inner lining to help reduce the risk of recurrence.
Cysts are often removed by ‘ deroofing’ if small and by elliptical surgical excision, if medium-sized.

Deroofing removes the overlying layer or roof and the inner lining of the cavity is also removed.
Often no stitches are needed after the procedure.

Ellipse surgical excision

Your doctor or nurse will apply a dressing that is designed to remain in place for 7 days. Your doctor will also confirm whether your stitches are dissolving or non-dissolving.

Steri-strips are often applied at the time of surgery and we ask that you replace these twice a week for 3 weeks.

The wound slowly heals over two weeks, leaving a faint linear scar.

Vit E / Bio oil / Dermatix cream massage is recommended daily, after 2 weeks.

Always consult your GP if there is increasing pain, redness or any discharge.

Histology / Lab Assessment

Following clinical review, sometimes the excised tissue is sent for laboratory analysis in order to confirm the diagnosis and exclude any sinister changes, which may require further treatment. Your doctor will decide whether your cyst tissue ought to be analysed and will inform you on the day.

We realise that clients wish to avoid extra charges and we only recommend tissue analysis of cyst tissue, if clinically needed. We work with excellent laboratories and pathologists and make no financial gain from the cost of analysis.

Cyst & Lipoma Removal Pricing

The pricing is inclusive of a consultation.

Consultations from only £75
The consultation is conducted in our clinic.

The pricing is an indicative guide and is separate from the cost of consultation.
It includes Cyst removal + local anaesthetic + dressing + follow up if required.

Total cost
1 cyst / lipoma
Large cysts, Complex cysts or lipomas

Please note that your doctor will decide how best to remove your cyst once you have been examined.
The prices are a guide but higher costs may be incurred for complex cysts and lipomas.