Skin Tags

At Olelo, we can offer same day assessment and removal under local anaesthetic. The treatment is painless and recovery is quick.

Skin Tags Cost
Skin tag removal from £300

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Doctor Consultation

We charge £75 for a skin tag removal consultation. This is included in the cost of your surgery, if conducted the same day.  During the consultation we ensure that the lesion is a skin tag, exclude any suspicious changes and discuss the procedure, its risks, benefits and potential side effects.

The doctor will decide if it is safe and suitable to proceed with surgery on the same day, will fully explain the procedure and side effects. Most often we can proceed with surgery on the same day.


Sometimes, the doctor may wish to send a sample of the lesion away for tissue analysis / histology. We understand that this is an additional unwanted cost for the patient. The doctor will only recommend histological analysis if clinically needed. We make no financial gain from histological testing.

Where the doctor recommends histology testing, it will not be possible to remove the lesion without testing.

Prices for removal include the cost of consultation.

All tissue results from testing are communicated to our patients by secure email.

Skin Tag Removal Costs

Removal of skin tags via excision

Skin Tags Cost Histology* Cost
Skin tag removal from £300 £125