Anti Wrinkle Injections

Olelo Aesthetic and Ophthalmology clinics provide anti wrinkle treatments using Botox®, Dysport®, Azzalure® and Bocuture®.

  • Anti wrinkle treatments from £150.
  • Doctor led treatment
  • Effective and Natural looking
  • No downtime

Convenient locations in Chelsea, Kensington and Belgravia.

Our doctors have been treating patients since 2005 and can help soften the  appearance of wrinkles and expression lines around the face. Our patients are often seeking to achieve a healthy fresh appearance but maintain their facial expressions. We aim to deliver invidualised care to provide a natural look rather than one where facial movements are frozen.

Free Top Up

The full effect of treatment can take up to two weeks to realise and we offer free top ups at two weeks, if required. Our aim is to treat patients with great care and tailor treatment to the patient. Popular treatment zones include:

  • Frown lines and wrinkles
  • Forehead
  • Lines and creases around the eyes, crows feet and laughter lines

Enquire about Anti Wrinkle Injections at one of our London Clinics


At Olelo, a trained oculoplastic surgeon will deliver your treatment, as we believe that this provides patients with the safest therapy and best aesthetic outcome.

During the consultation, the doctor will:

  • Undertake a full medical history and aesthetic examination
  • Assess your facial anatomy and eyes – for example, looking to assess eyelid position, ocular closure, risks of dry eye, anatomy of the forehead and around the eyes, mid face, neck and jaw line
  • Discuss the procedure
  • Answer any questions
  • Provided it is safe to do so, one can have same day treatment

Anti Wrinkle Injection Costs & Price Per Area


The cost of a consultation including aesthetic examination is £75. This is included in the total price for treatment, if delivered on the same day.

The cost of BOTOX® and our other product treatments for the frown lines, forehead furrows and eye wrinkles (both sides is one area) are grouped in 1, 2 or 3 areas in total.

For Women For Men
1 area £150 £150
2 areas £200 £200
3 areas £400 £450
Nefertiti neck/jowl lift* £250
Jaw slimming* £250


Key Facts

Anti-Ageing Injections

  1. Treatment is painless and quick
  2. You will be able to carry on with your day straight away without anyone noticing
  3. Results will be visible in 3-7 days
  4. Effects last for up to six months
  5. All treatments are performed by highly skilled doctors